# X-UAV Mini Talon airframe example

Let's consider nodes X-UAV Mini Talon airframe configuration example.


# Layout


Top View Cap is opened Nose view (pitot tube) Electronics section view
drawing drawing drawing

Here is a list of all the things you will need.

N Name Link Description
1 ESC regulator

# Connection diagram

Devices used In what kind
Airspeed Airspeed sensor, requered for all wing types of UAVs
GNSS MAG BARO GNSS, compass and height estimation sensor
uNODE Thrust ESC control
uNODE Right part control (aileone and rudder/elevator)
uNODE Left part control (ailerone and rudder/elevator)
Autopilot Main onboard fly computer

# Setting up px4/ardupilot parameters

Step 1. Load firmware and reset settings

Load the latest stable firmware and reset all settings to default.

Step 2. Select the airframe

It should be X-UAV Mini Talon (opens new window) airframe with SYS_AUTOSTART = 2200. Select the airframe as on the picture below:


Step 3. Configure Actuators

# Nodes parameters configuration

Here it should be instruction how to set up parameters....

Step 4. Configure nodes result

# Test flight

Here is the flight log (opens new window).

And here is the video...

# Debuging