# Getting started

This section provides an overview of the basic concepts you need to understand in order to build and run an unmanned vehicle or robotic system using only one data and power bus for all payloads, subsystems and sensors.

# Basic Concepts

  • What is bus
  • What is autopilot
  • How to wire
  • What is sensors
  • What is actuators
  • Power control
  • Radio
  • Coprocessor

# Airframe (Vehicle)

Here its presented different types of drone configuration that already tested and can be used. Anyway you can make your own.

  1. M-690A (opens new window) T-motor frame

  2. F450 (opens new window) frame

  3. HANY 7inch fpv (opens new window) frame

  4. Skywalker X8 (opens new window) Flying wing frame

  5. VTOL (opens new window) frame

# Flight Controller or Mainframe

  • What kind of autopilots is compatible?
  • How to setup it? (enable CAN thats all)

# Sensors and Actuators

What kind of sensors do robot need?

# Wiring

It is recommended to read standard before applying presented devices on vehicle.

Breafly you should follow next several steps to design onboard bus:

  • Enumerate all nodes
  • Understand what nodes is mission critical
  • Understand where the nodes should be placed
  • Draw the bus lines
  • Define bus branching points
  • Define units connector points
  • Define power up point

# Setup

# Tests

  • check from sniffer,
  • test in sim,
  • run on table,
  • fly.