# 1. Cyphal/DroneCAN Rangefinder

This board has few drivers for communication with i2c/uart rangefinders. After reading measurements it sends data through Cyphal/DroneCAN network.

As the hardware it can be used specilized board shown on picture below, but uNODE (opens new window) and mini NODE (opens new window) can be used also.


The node supports 2 interfaces. Please refer the corresponded section for details:

The node supports the following rangefinders:

LW20/C TF-Luna Garmin lite v3 vl53l0x

# 1.1. Main function description

This node measures and publishes range with adjustable rates (10 Hz by default for both). Publication and measurement rates might be configured using node parameters, but it is recommended to use default values.

# 1.2. Auxiliary functions description

Circuit status

It also sends uavcan.equipment.power.CircuitStatus (opens new window) messages with measured 5V and Vin.

Led indication

This board has an internal led that may allow you to understand possible problems. It blinks from 1 to 10 times within 4 seconds. By counting the number of blinks you can define the code of current status.

Number of blinks Health Description
1 OK Everything is ok.
2 OK There is no RawCommand at least for the last 0.5 seconds (it's not a problem for this board, just in case).
3 WARNING This node can't see any other nodes in UAVCAN network, check your cables, or there is no incoming data from the sensor.
4 ERROR There is a problem with circuit voltage, look at circuit status message to get details. It may happen when you power it from SWD, otherwise, be careful with the power supply. This check might be turned off using params.
5 CRITICAL There is a problem with the periphery initialization level. Probably you load the wrong firmware.