# Introduction

Cyphal (opens new window)/DroneCAN (opens new window) (old name UAVCAN) nodes are devices primarily based on CAN bus, used by the PX4, ArduPilot and other projects as CAN peripheral devices.

This guide contains interface description, user manual and hardware specification for each developed device.

It is recommended that all users to read the Getting Started page.

# Compatibility

  • Autopilots:
  1. PX4. Refer to the official PX4 documentation (opens new window) for getting the specific wiring and setup instructions.

  2. Ardupilot. Check the official Ardupilot documentation (opens new window) for the specific wiring and setup instructions.

  • PC (Linux or Windows)
  • Raspberry PI
  • Arduino

# Getting help

There is common QnA:

  • I already have a device and I just want to run is, what should I do?
  • I want to build a drone (robot) with raccoon devices from scratch
  • I want to add new payload, sensor or control node to network, can you help?
  • I am modifying a firmware
  • I want to run existing formware on new hardware and extend the platform

To get help from the core dev team you can:

  • Diagnosing issues
  • How to report bugs

# Reporting Bugs & Issues

Code issues may be raised on Github here. Where possible provide flight logs and other information requested in the issue template.

# Contributing

Anyone can contribute to project by next directions:

  • Code development
  • Testings
  • Hardware development