# Introduction

Welcome to RaccoonLab documentation site. Here we collect comprehensive information and resources regarding our Cyphal (opens new window)/DroneCAN (opens new window) (old name UAVCAN) nodes.

The nodes are primarily based on CAN-bus and designed to be used in avionics especially with such autopilots as PX4 (opens new window), ArduPilot (opens new window). But they could also be used in other robotic applications.

# Nodes

We recommend you to get acquainted with our best devices that have already been launched into production.

drawing Programmer sniffer is must-have device required for uploading firmware to the nodes, monitoring the CAN bus and performing the configuration.
drawing PWM-micro is the smallest general-purpose CAN-adapter. It is designed to control 1 - 2 ESC or servo with an external power supply.
drawing PWM-mini is a general-purpose CAN-adapter designed to control 1-4 ESCs or servos. As the node has a built-in DC-DC, a servo can be powered through it. It allows to get feedback from a few popular ESC such as T-motor.
drawing Airspeed is essential for fixed-wing UAVs. It measures differential pressure which can be used to estimate airspeed.
drawing GPS-MAG-BARO is the node that has 3 devices: GPS, magnetometer and barometer.
drawing CAN-mux helps you easily connect your devices and organise your onboard network.
drawing Aviation lights adds lights to your UAV: use visible LEDs to indicate the current vehicle's status.

We also have a few devices on the testing stage. If you have a suggestion, want a customization for you or another request, please either open an issue on github (opens new window) or email us directly.

drawing Rangefinder is an adapter for i2c/uart rangefinders such as LW20/C, TF-Luna, Garmin lite v3, vl53l0x. It is usefull if you need a precision landing.
drawing Power connector
drawing WiFi Sniffer allows wireless CAN-bus monitoring via WiFi/UDP.
drawing Internal Combustion Engine controller is a sophisticated board for controlling the internal combustion engine and starter.
drawing PMU is a power management unit for complex vehicles.
drawing Charger allows you to charge a battery automatically.
drawing BMS is battery management system.
drawing RPI Hat is Raspberry PI SPI to CAN converter.
drawing FMUv4 based Autopilot.
drawing FMUv6x based Autopilot.
- Inclinometer estimates its own orientation using IMU sensors.

Auxilliary devices:

# Vehicles

If you are looking for real examples of designs using RaccoonLab devices, you can check out the following:

drawing Small quadcopter:
- Micro node x4
- Autopilot
drawing Plane V-Tail:
- Micro node x3
- Airspeed
- Autopilot
drawing Vtol-wing (modified x8):
- Mini v2 node x4
- Airspeed
drawing eVTOL:
- Mini v2 node x8
- Airspeed
- Navigation lights x2
drawing Standard VTOL:
- Mini v2 node x7
- Airspeed x2
- ICE node
- Rangefinder
- Navigation lights x3
drawing Tracked Robot:
- Mini v2 node x2
- Rangefinder
- Power management unit
- Autopilot

If you need a help in creating a design for your specific airframe using our equipment, please feel free to contact us.

# Reporting Bugs & Issues & Contributing

If you have a question, please either open an issue on github (opens new window) or email us directly.