# LED indication standard

Since v2 hardware version all boards have an internal RGB LED and comply with this LED indication standard.

The LED meaning is as close to the PX4 LED Meanings (opens new window) and Ardupilot LED meanings (opens new window) as possible and is dedicated to help you to understand a board state or a possible problem.

General-purpose node

All boards shall have the following states that is compatible with Actuator and GPS nodes:

State LED
[Blinking Blue/Red] Initialization drawing
[Blinking Blue] Good drawing
[Blinking yellow] Warning drawing
[Blinking red] Error drawing

Actuator node

A board that control an actuator such as Mini or Micro shall have the following additional states:

State LED
[Solid Blue] Armed drawing
[Blinking Blue] Disarmed, good drawing

GPS node

GPS shall have the following additional states:

State LED
[Blinking Green] 3D Fix, 8+ satellites drawing
[Blinking Blue] No Fix drawing

Legacy LED

All boards with hardware version below v2 has a single LED that blinks from 1 to 10 times within 4 seconds. By counting the number of blinks you can define the code of current status.

Number of blinks Health Description
1 OK Everything is ok.
2 OK There is no setpoint at least for the last 0.5 seconds, PWM state is reset to the default state.
3 WARNING This node can't see any other nodes in network, check your cables.
4 ERROR There is a problem with circuit voltage, look at the circuit status message to get details. It may happen when you power it from SWD, otherwise, be careful with a power supply.
5 CRITICAL There is a problem on the periphery initialization level. Probably you load the wrong firmware.