# AS5600 sensor board

Board designed to connect to THIS (opens new window) board as beedback sensor for any servo motor driven mechanism, for example plane elerone or rudder.

You can find Specs of the chip in datasheet (opens new window) for sensor.

# Features

The AS5600 is ideally suited for contactless potentiometers, contactless knobs, pedals, RC servos and other angular position measurement solutions.

  • 12 bit resolution
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 18 x 5.3 mm
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# Wire

Schematic is presented here.


The node has 3 connectors which are described in the table below.

Connector Description
1 I2C Main I2C and power port

In paragraph Wire mating (opens new window) you can find manufacturer part number of connectors it self and its mates.

Type MP Suitable Wire Type MP
I2C JST SM04B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN) JST 4-pins cable (opens new window) JST GHR-04V-S (opens new window) and pin SSHL-002T-P0.2 (opens new window)

Pin configuration and functions

Pin N I2C
1 5V in

# Specifications


Scheme is shown on the picture below.

Width, mm Length, mm Height, mm
Outline 17.2 18 5.3
PCB 17.2 18 1.6

Total weight of device less than X g.

You can download 3D model on GrabCAD (opens new window)

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter MIN MAX UNIT
Vin -0.3 6.1 V
I max -100 100 mA
Wide temperature range -40 125 °C

Recomended operating conditions

Parameter VALUE UNIT
Vin 5 V
I max -100 100
Wide temperature range -40 125

ESD ratings

Description Value UNIT
Human-body model (HBM) * 1000 V
Charged-device model (CDM) * 1000 V

*MIL 883 E method 3015.7 (opens new window)

# Description

Connection example diagram

# Power Supply Recommendations

The uNODE is designed to operate from an input voltage supply range between 4.5 V and 5.5 V. This input supply must be able to withstand the maximum input current and maintain a stable voltage. The resistance of the input supply rail should be low enough that an input current transient does not cause a high enough drop that can cause a false UVLO fault triggering and system reset. The amount of bulk capacitance is not critical, but a 47-μF or 100-μF electrolytic capacitor is a typical choice.

# Revision history

version Description
v3.1.0 First produced board