# CAN power connector

CAN power connector are designed for light unmanned aerial (UAV) and other vehicles for providing power over CAN using CAN POWER CABLES.

There are two types of devices:

  1. CAN-MUX devices provide power from XT30 connector to CAN. We have 2 variation of this type of the device with different number of connectors.
  2. Power connector node is designed to pass current (up to 60A) to power load and CAN, measure voltage and current on load. It behaves as Cyphal/DroneCAN node.

# 1. Variations

At that moment we have 3 types of such connectors. They are illustrated below.

CAN-MUX 1 CAN-MUX 2 Power connector node
CAN-MUX 1 power power

# 2. Hardware

2.1. CAN-MUX 1

The schematic will appear soon.


2.2. CAN-MUX 2

The connector without current sensor schematic is shown below.


2.3. Power connector

The connector with current sensor schematic is shown below.