# 4. Sniffer usage

You need to connect programmer-sniffer with your UAVCAN node via CAN socket and with your PC via USB.

There are 2 different CAN sockets. You can use any of them.

# Connection example diagram

The example of connection is shown below.



Be careful, don't use SWD instead of CAN socket!

# 4.1. Cyphal usage

After connection, you can use yakut (opens new window) or Yukon (opens new window) utility or something other.

On the picture below there is an example of yakut usage.



# 4.2. DroneCAN usage

Alternatively, you can use gui_tool (opens new window) for DroneCAN applications.


In the Application Setup menu you need to set 1000000 to both can bus and adapter baud rates.

After that you will get following window:


# 4.3. Application examples

As an example, this device might be suitable for such applications as Cyphal/DroneCAN UAV HITL simulation (opens new window).

alt text