# 3. Programmer

For programmer usage please refer to the Update the firmware section. It explains a few ways how to upload firmware with different types of programmers.

Here is the instructions about how to update the RaccoonLab programmer firmware itself. Below there 2 options are suggested.

  1. Download & Install ST-LINK Utility v4.3.0

Ensure you have the ST-LINK Utility v4.3.0. If not, you can download it from this link (opens new window). If you have an other version, you might need to uninstall it first before installing this one.


Ensure you are using the exact version 4.3.0 of ST-LINK Utility. You can verify this by checking in the Help menu. For example, version 4.6.0 doesn't work.


  1. Connect the Programmer: Attach your programmer-sniffer to your PC using a USB cable.

  2. Launch ST-LINK Utility: Start the application on your computer.

  3. Firmware Update:

    • Navigate to the menu and select ST-LINK -> Firmware update.
    • programmer-firmware-update-menu.jpg
    • A new window will pop up. Click on Device Connect. If you encounter a connection error, you may need to try connecting multiple times.
    • Upon successful connection, select Product Option STM32+MSD+VCP and press Yes to initiate the firmware update process.
    • programmer-firmware-update-updating.jpg
  4. Discronnect the device and then close the application

# Option 2: Update Firmware with Another Programmer

  1. Establish Connection:

    • Using the SWD and needle connectors, establish a connection to the programmer as previously done for other nodes.
    • Placeholder for photo image of connector
  2. ST-LINK Utility Procedure:

    • Start the ST-LINK Utility and from the main menu, select Target -> Connect.
    • Next, go to Target -> Program & Verify.
    • For the firmware, use this file (opens new window).
    • Further details on this process can be found in the Programmer usage section mentioned above.
  3. Alternative Firmware Update:

    • If required, you can also use the firmware update method from ST-LINK Utility (ST-LINK -> Update Firmware) as explained in Option 1.