# X-UAV Mini Talon airframe example

Let's consider nodes X-UAV Mini Talon airframe configuration example.


It is based on on Cyphal/DroneCAN Quadcopter KIT + airspeed sensor. It has the following RaccoonLab devices:

Devices used Purpose
Airspeed Airspeed sensor, required for all wing types of UAVs
GNSS MAG BARO GNSS, compass and barometer
uNODE x3 - Thrust ESC control
- Right part control (aileone and rudder/elevator)
- Left part control (ailerone and rudder/elevator)
Autopilot Main onboard flight computer

# Layout

talon airframe

Top View Cap is opened Nose view (pitot tube) Electronics section view
drawing drawing drawing

Here is a list of all the things you will need.

N Name Link Description
1 ESC regulator

# Connection diagram

# Setting up px4/ardupilot parameters

Step 1. Load firmware and reset settings

Load the latest stable firmware and reset all settings to default.

Step 2. Select the airframe

It should be X-UAV Mini Talon (opens new window) airframe with SYS_AUTOSTART = 2200. Select the airframe as on the picture below:


Step 3. Configure Actuators

# Nodes parameters configuration

Here it should be instruction how to set up parameters....

Step 4. Configure nodes result