# 3. Cyphal Interface

This page is about Cyphal related details such as interface, supported features, registers, configuration and usage examples and software versions. For general information, refer to the 1. General page., for hardware related details including connection example scheme please refer here.

# 3.1. Interface

This node interacts with the following data types:

Common for any node

Type Message
1 pub uavcan.node.Heartbeat (opens new window)
2 RPC-service uavcan.node.GetInfo.Response (opens new window)
3 RPC-service uavcan.node.ExecuteCommand (opens new window)
4 RPC-service uavcan.register.List (opens new window)
5 RPC-service uavcan.register.Access (opens new window)
6 pub (since hardware v3) uavcan.node.port.List (opens new window)


Circuit status service

Like any other RaccoonLab node, this node also supports the Circuit status service. It uses the following subjects:

Type Message Topic name
1 pub uavcan.si.sample.voltage.Scalar.1.0 5v
2 pub uavcan.si.sample.voltage.Scalar.1.0 vin
3 pub uavcan.si.sample.temperature.Scalar.1.0 dev_temp

Rangefinder service

It uses the following subjects:

Type Message Topic name
1 publisher uavcan.si.sample.length.Scalar.1.0 (opens new window) range

# 3.2. Cyphal Registers

Register name Note Description
0 id reboot required Node ID
1 uavcan.pub.range.id Port identifier
2 uavcan.pub.range.type persistent uavcan.si.sample.length.Scalar.1.0
3 uavcan.pub.crct.5v.id Port identifier
4 uavcan.pub.crct.5v.type persistent uavcan.si.sample.voltage.Scalar.1.0
5 uavcan.pub.crct.vin.id Port identifier
6 uavcan.pub.crct.vin.type persistent uavcan.si.sample.voltage.Scalar.1.0
7 uavcan.pub.crct.temp.id Port identifier
8 uavcan.pub.crct.temp.type persistent uavcan.si.sample.temperature.Scalar.1.0
9 sensor_type Defines which sensor driver to use.
10 name reboot required Node custom name

You can get the list of registers, read and write them using Yakut (opens new window) cli or Yukon (opens new window) gui.

# 3.3. Debugging on a table

Before usage on the real application, it is necessary to perform the device configuration. It is recommended to use Yakut (opens new window) cli or Yukon (opens new window) gui.