# 4. DroneCAN Interface

This page is about DroneCAN related details such as interface, supported features, parameters, configuration and usage examples and software versions. For general information, refer to the 1. General page., for hardware related details including connection example scheme please refer here.

# 4.1. Interface

This node interacts with following messages:

type message
1 publisher uavcan.equipment.range_sensor.Measurement (opens new window)
2 publisher uavcan.equipment.power.CircuitStatus (opens new window)

Besides required and highly recommended functions such as NodeStatus and GetNodeInfo this node also supports the following application-level functions:

type message
1 RPC-service uavcan.protocol.param (opens new window)
2 RPC-service uavcan.protocol.RestartNode (opens new window)
3 RPC-service uavcan.protocol.GetTransportStats (opens new window)

# 4.2. Parameters

The parameters might be visualized using gui tool.

The list of parameters is shown in the table below:

Idx Name Type Default Min Max Description
0 ID integer 73 0 100 Node identifier
1 log_level integer 3 0 4 Minimal log level message which might be sended by this device. 0 - debug, 1 - info, 2 - warn, 3 - error, 4 - disable
2 rng_measurement_period integer 100 10 2000 Period of measurement and publishing
3 rng_type integer 0 0 2 Defines which sensor to use. See the table below.
4 rng_id integer 0 0 255 Id of the sensor in the message.
5 enable_5v_check integer 1 0 1 Set ERROR status if 5V voltage is out of range 4.5 - 5.5 V
6 enable_vin_check integer 0 0 1 Set ERROR status if Vin voltage is less than 4.5 V
7 name integer 0 0 100 Custom name of the node. Might be implemented by request.

Using parameters you may specify type of sensor (now it supports only LW20/C)

rng_type value corresponded sensor type
0 LW20/C (i2c)
1 TF-Luna (uart)
2 Garmin lite v3 (i2c)
3 vl53l0x (i2c)

# 4.3. Usage example on a table

It is recommended to debug it with gui_tool (opens new window). You can check the message sent by this node.

Example of the message shown below.